Ladder Safety Check List

Important points to be check when ever a ladder is being used in a construction site

1          Check for split, broken, missing, damaged rungs, side rails, bent or missing hinges or any other damage that hinders safe usage of the ladder           

2          Wood or aluminium ladders shall not be painted. Side rails shall not have any projections           

3          Check if ladders have a uniformly spaced rungs. A rung spacing of 300mm (12 inches) is preferable       
4          Check if the rungs have any oil, grease spilled on it or any ropes etc that could cause tripping or slipping when used.            

5          Check if the Ladders rungs are knurled, corrugated, or dimpled  

6          Ensure ladders are placed at a slope of 4:1 (for every 4 meter of vertical rise the base set 1 meter out)    

7          If ladders are used vertically ensure ladders are rigidly attached to a support structure at the top middle or bottom of the ladder        

8          Ensure all ladders extend 900mm (3 ft) above the landing, platform or roof line 
9          Ensure that the base support of all ladders are equally supported on a firm level surface. Boxes, barrels etc shall not be used as a means of support

10         Check if the bottom rung of ladder is not more than 600mm (2 ft) above the lower level used to mount the ladder

11         Ensure area at the base of ladder is kept clean
12         Check if ladders are  not being used in horizontal position as platforms, walkways etc  
13         Check both side rails of the ladder are evenly supported at the upper resting place Ensure side rails are securely tide off to prevent movement     
14         If securing is impractical, prevent movement by securing the base. Station a man at the base if required  
15         Barricade ladder base or position a sentry to avoid disruption with vehicular movement. Install flasher, buzzer if required           

16         If a ladder is erected near a doorway, ensure door is locked or secured in open position or a sentry positioned to warn any one from using the door  
17         Avoid use of metal ladders for electrical works. Use wooden or fibre glass ladders for electrical applications      

18         Avoid use of aluminium ladders with corrosive substances
19         Ensure ladders that have been spliced, tied, lashed are not in use
20         Ensure only one person is on a single rung ladder at all times
21         Ensure workers do not carry tools, heavy objects in their hands when climbing the ladders. Use ropes for heavy objects. Tools can however be carried in secure pockets or special tool belts.    

22         Ensure Use of Fall arrest system when work is being carried out on ladders at a height of 1.8 meters (6 feet) above the ground   
23         Ensure workers face the ladder while climbing or descending and place both the hands on the ladder      

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