Government and its accountability

Why no FIR is logged when Indian Railways murder 100 passenger or lapses by Airport Authority of India causes death of 350 passengers? Can some one please explain this to me? 

Let us consider the most recent train accident for good two to three hours there was no relief provided to the injured, they were left to the mercy of helpless locals , though locals did an appreciable job. Is it not the duty of the state to respond in shortest possible time frame and with adequate gear and provisions and render help to the needy? Who is responsible for the lives lost due to delay in relief measures?

Even when Indian railways for finding it difficult to attend to the first accident there was news of another one. What will happen if it was a nuclear reactor? I have my doubts if India can ever gear up to meet such eventualities

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But, providing support within a span of 2 hours is also an appreciable job. Accidents some time happen at locations which are not easily accessible through any means.
The level of support provided by the government is surely very questionable, but I think that things are improving but at a very small pace....
India sure is not geared up for nuclear reactors as of now.....