Site HouseKeeping

Following are some of the points that should be borne in mind while ensuring housekeeping of a construction site

1          Is there sufficient directional and exit signs to ensure that all exit routes are clearly indicated in bilingual language          

2          Emergency Exits door to be opened out side . Check operation of the door, ensure no obstruction to the opening of the emergency exit/door           

3          Are aisles clearly marked with bilingual directional sign   

4          Do all emergency lighting units work properly?  

5          Are there adequate number of fire extinguishers available?
6          Are locations of fire extinguishers clearly marked?         
7          Are extinguishers visually checked monthly ( with control tags ) ?           

8          Are fire extinguishers inspected annually by outside professional agency documentation is on file           
9          Major hazards identified, MSDS available for all
10         Phone Nos of Ambulance, Fire, Hospitals, available and displayed at prominent locations          
11         Are there sufficient no of first aid kits
12         Are First Aid Kits easily accessible, identified, and kept in locked condition
13         Are first aid kits adequately stocked and there are no expired entities
14         Are Safety signboards displayed in prominent locations and are all safety signboards in bilingual language         
15         Are warning signs clearly displayed in high voltage area and access to authorized personnel only and area free of oil and debris       
16         Are all electrical equipments being maintained and equipments requiring earthing suitably earthed
17         Are all walkways, aisles cleared of debris, oil spillage waste material
18         Are all electrical wring suitably insulated and identifiable, and properly routed     
19         Are protruding nails from scrap, debris, kept clear from work area, passage ways           
20         Is there a designated location for storage of scrap / waste, and nature of scrap identified           

21         Is waste being collected frequently        

22         List of personnel trained in dealing with various emergencies and safety training register held with the contractor  
23         Excavations are barricaded and visual signs displayed

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