Project Charter

A project charter formally authorizes the project. Authorization to a project is generally given by an external agency at a initiator or a project sponsor level and is a result of market demand, business need, customer request, technological advance, legal requirement or a social need. It authorizes the Project Manager to commit resources for the project.

Project Charter consists of the following

1.     Requirements that satisfy, customer, sponsor and other stakeholders needs, wants and expectations
2.     Business needs, high  level project description, or product requirements that the project is undertaken to address
3.     Project purpose or justification
4.     Assigned Project Manager and authority level
5.     Summary milestone schedule
6.     Stake holder influences
7.     Functional organisations and there participation
8.     Organisational, environmental and external assumptions
9.     Organisational, environmental and external constraints
10.   Business case justifying the project, including return on investment
11.   Summary Budget

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