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15 Essentials of Project Scope Statement

The Preliminary Project Scope Statement:
Preliminary Project Scope Statement is an output of develop preliminary project scope statement process. The preliminary project scope sets the boundary for the project and associated products and services as well as methods of acceptance and scope control and is developed during the Initiating phase of the project. It defines the projects risks, assumptions and constraints. Initial WBS, milestones, cost estimates, project configuration management system and initial project organisation are part of the preliminary project scope statement. 

Project Charter, Project statement of work, organisational processes and enterprise factors are some inputs required to develop the preliminary project scope. The level of detail in the preliminary project scope depends on the complexity of the project.
The Detailed Project Scope Statement:
A clear well defined scope statement is a critical success factor for a project. A detailed project scope statement is dev…

15 Benefits of a Project Management Plan

Project Management Plan:
A project management plan is the collection of outputs of the project planning processes. It defines how the project is executed, monitored and controlled and closed. The project management plan needs to be updated and revised through out the Integrated Change Control Process. The Project Management Plan consists of
(a) Project Scope Management Plan

(b) Project Schedule Management Plan

(c) Project Cost Management Plan

(d) Quality Management Plan

(e) Human Resource Management Plan

(f) Communication Management Plan

(g) Risk Management Plan

(k) Procurement Management Plan

(l) Process Improvement Plan

Other components of the project management plan include (a) Milestone list

(b) Resource Calendar

(c) Schedule, Cost and Quality Baseline

(d) Risk Register
Attributes of a Project Management Plan:
(a) The project team has to select a set of processes that would be implemented in order to complete the project. There are a total of 44 project management processes that are organised in 9…