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Fundamentals of Project Planning and Scheduling

One of my smooth progressing engineering project was suddenly jolted by numerous emails and phone calls from the project sponsor asking the Management to expedite activities at site. The project was going on quite smoothly as it had the best plan to back it up and we all hoped that things would go as planned but eventually it did not work out that way. The project sponsors demanded an unexpected change in the project completion date in order to meet their financial goals. The complete project schedule had to be reworked in order to meet the client expectations. Important milestones like site mobilization had to be advanced in order to commence construction activities and complete the project as per the new deadlines. The subsequent paragraphs describes some fundamental steps followed to develop and implement a new project schedule.
As the site team got mobilized we were bombarded with myriad of problems some of them so mundane that we were at times amazed dealing with the slew of such …

15 Benefits of a Project Management Plan

Project Management Plan:
A project management plan is the collection of outputs of the project planning processes. It defines how the project is executed, monitored and controlled and closed. The project management plan needs to be updated and revised through out the Integrated Change Control Process. The Project Management Plan consists of
(a) Project Scope Management Plan

(b) Project Schedule Management Plan

(c) Project Cost Management Plan

(d) Quality Management Plan

(e) Human Resource Management Plan

(f) Communication Management Plan

(g) Risk Management Plan

(k) Procurement Management Plan

(l) Process Improvement Plan

Other components of the project management plan include (a) Milestone list

(b) Resource Calendar

(c) Schedule, Cost and Quality Baseline

(d) Risk Register
Attributes of a Project Management Plan:
(a) The project team has to select a set of processes that would be implemented in order to complete the project. There are a total of 44 project management processes that are organised in 9…

20 Steps of Project Schedule Development Process - Part I

What is a Project Schedule?
Project Schedule is a list of activities that need to be performed in order to fulfill the project scope. This list is organised in a logical sequence, also called the schedule network logic. The list consists of activity duration, constraints, inter-dependencies among the various activities, activity lead and lag and the resources required to complete the schedule activity. Project schedule specifies the planned start and finish dates of each activity likely to be executed in a project, it also specifies the dates when important projects milestones have to be met. The project scope statement is a key input in developing a project schedule. The project schedule serves as a baseline against which the project progress can be tracked.
The 20 Steps for developing a project Schedule:
Project schedule development is an iterative process and continues through out the project as work progresses. Project schedule is updated as the duration, resource estimates change …