5 Essentials of Project Scope Management Plan

Project Scope Management Plan:

The project scope management plan is a planning tool describing how the team will

(a) Describe the project scope

(c) Define and develop the detailed Work Breakdown Statement

(d) Verify the project scope

(e) Control the project scope

Project Charter, Preliminary Project Scope Statement, Project Management Plan, Organizational processes and procedures, enterprise factor are the inputs required for developing the scope management plan

5 Essentials Processes of Project Scope Management Plan:

A project scope management plan should include the following five processes

(a) A process to prepare a detailed project scope statement based on the preliminary scope statement

(b) A process that enables creation of a WBS from detailed project scope statement

(c) A process to maintain and approve the WBS

(d) A process to verify and accept the completed project deliverables

(e) A process to approve and control changes to project scope. This process should be linked to integrated change control procedure.

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