17 Actions to Manage Project Execution

17 Actions to Manage Project Execution

17 Actions to Manage Project Execution

Direct and Manage Project Execution is part of the Execution process group and falls under the Project Integration Management knowledge area. Project Management Methodology and Project Management Information Systems are widely adopted execution tools and techniques.

Following are important actions performed in order to manage project execution

  1. Perform activities to accomplish project objectives
  2. Expend efforts and spend funds to accomplish the project activities
  3. Staff, train and manage project team member assigned to the project
  4. Obtain quotations, bids, offers, or proposals as appropriate
  5. Select sellers by choosing from among potential sellers
  6. Obtain, manage, and use resources, including materials, tools, equipment, and facilities
  7. Implement the planned methods and standards
  8. Create, control, verify, and validate the project deliverables
  9. Manage risks and implement risk response activities
  10. Manage sellers
  11. Adapt approved changes into the project’s scope, plans, and environment
  12. Establish and manage project communication channels, both external and internal to the project team
  13. Collect project data and report cost, schedule, technical and quality progress, status information to facilitate forecasting.
  14. Collect and document lessons learned, and implement approved process improvement activities.
  15. Implement approved corrective actions that will bring anticipated project performance into compliance with the project management plan
  16. Implement approved preventive actions to reduce the probability of potential negative consequences 
  17. Implement approved defect repair requests to correct product defects found by the quality process


sree said...

What are the areas of job oppurtunities for people in pg diploma in project management or pg diploma in software quality which one is the best.
project management

Anonymous said...

Dear Sree, There is nothing like which one is best it all depends in what you like and what it is it that you want to pursue as a professional career.

In order to reply to your queries i need to understand your professional / educational background

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