7 Essentials of Monitoring and Control of Project Work

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Monitoring Project Work

Monitoring Project Work

Monitoring is an aspect of project management performed through out the project. Monitoring includes collecting, measuring, and disseminating performance information and assessing measurement and trends to effect process improvements. Continuous monitoring gives the project management team insight into the health of the project, and identifies any areas that can require special attention. It is concerned with

(a) Comparing actual project performance against the project management plan

(b) Assessing performance to determine whether any corrective or preventive actions are indicated, and then recommending those actions as necessary

(c) Analysing, tracking and monitoring project risk to make sure risk are identified, their status is reported, and that appropriate risk response plans are being executed

(d) Maintaining an accurate and timely, information base concerning the project’s products and their associated documentation through project completion

(e) Providing information to support status reporting, progress measurement, and forecasting

(f) Providing forecast to update current cost and current schedule information

(g) Monitoring implementation of approved changes as and when they occur

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