Project Procurement Management Plan

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Procurement Management Plan

The project procurement management plan can include:

  1. Types of contracts to be used
  2. Who will prepare independent estimates and if they are needed as evaluation criteria.
  3. Those actions Project Management Team can take on its own, if the performing organisation has a procurement, contracting, or purchasing department.
  4. Standardised procurement documents, if they are needed
  5. Managing multiple providers
  6. Coordinating procurement with other project aspects, such as scheduling and performance reporting.
  7. Constraints and assumptions that could affect planned purchases and acquisitions.
  8. Handling the lead times required to purchase or acquire items from sellers and coordinating them with the project schedule development.
  9. Handling the make-or-buy decisions and linking them into the Activity Resource Estimating and Schedule development process
  10. Setting the scheduled dates in each contract for the contract deliverables and coordinating with the schedule development and control process.
  11. Identifying performance bonds or insurance contracts to mitigate some forms of project risk
  12. Establishing the direction to be provided to the sellers on developing and maintaining the contract work breakdown structure.
  13. Establishing the form & format to be used for the contract statement of work
  14. Identifying pre qualified selected sellers, if any, to be used.
  15. Procurement metrics to be used to manage contracts and evaluate sellers

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